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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get learners permit in NC?

To apply for a NC learner's permit, visit your local NC DMV and: Provide the appropriate documents. Pass the vision exam. Pass the written exam: Study the state's driver handbook and take a practice test or two to prepare. Have your photo taken. Pay the $20 fee.

What is the DMV written exam?

The written examination is a multi-question test that is designed to test knowledge of traffic laws, traffic signs and other basic information that every driver should know. To help drivers prepare for the written test, many DMV offices will provide prospective exam takers with a handbook and a sample written test.

What is the DMV permit test?

The DMV written permit test contains written questions about California traffic laws, road signs, and rules of safe driving. There are 46 questions on the exam. A passing score is at least 37 correct answers.

What are the rules for learners permit?

All states have a minimum age requirement for learner's permits. Most states also require a passing grade on a written test as an indicator that the driver understands traffic laws, signs and rules of the road. Restrictions placed on drivers with a learner's permit also vary by state.

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