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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the worst traits of the Taurus male personality?

This can have a devastating effect on females who are trying to get the eye of a Taurus man, and it is perhaps one of the worst traits of the Taurus male personality for this reason. In keeping with the Taurus man’s predisposition to focus on things that you can see and things that you can perceive, Taurus guys can be very materialistic.

Do Taurus men struggle with Love and romance in 2014?

This negative trait of the Taurus man can really cause problems when it comes to searching for love and romance in 2014. It is not uncommon for Taurus men to give gifts and equate the emotional value of that gift with how much money they spent.

Are Taurus men jealous and possessive?

Taurus man is known to be very jealous and possessive because of his unending insecurities. This trait becomes visible when a woman he loves starts flirting with other men. If you are dating a Taurus man, it is important to always avoid indulging other men in the presence of your Taurus partner because he will definitely not take it lightly.

Why should you read Taurus Man Secrets?

Though these are some of their negative traits; they do have very positive ones too. If you read Taurus Man Secrets, you’ll discover all the good, the bad, and the wonderful! Taurus Men Secrets should help you learn everything and more about this steady but stubborn sign.

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