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Frequently Asked Questions

What is no intro ROM?

Technically it's just a ROM dump without cracker intro junk. In practice, it's a collection of the cleanest dumps available. What is No-Intro?

Which ROM set is good enough to play the games?

any rom set will be good enough to play the large majority of the games. you really don't need to worry. cheers! The "definitive" set is the one you build yourself!

Can NES emulators read NES files?

Betting everyones NES emulator can read *.nes files. Instead of whining to the uploader, why not try a proper emu? .7z works just fine with mesen core in retroarch. I don't know why uploaders feel the need to break conventions by uploading 7z files. Emulators don't read the format and converting them to ZIP is a huge hassle.

What's a good program to check the ROM of a TwinBee?

I personally use clrmamepro instead. Its UI is kind of cryptic the first time you use it, but it's a great program for verifying and trimming your sets. There's some problem with your TwinBee (Japan) ROM. 7-Zip says "There are some data after the end of the payload data," and BizHawk can't load it.

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