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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Netgear router not broadcasting the SSID?

When you hear SSID it simply means the name of your WiFi network. If your Netgear router is not broadcasting the SSID, try rebooting it. Unplug the router and wait for at least 30 seconds for the power to zero out before plugging the power adapter back into the device.

How do I know if my Netgear router has 5GHz?

A lot of modern routers are dual or tri-band, offering 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. Typically, 2.4GHz is for distance, 5GHz is for performance. On Netgear routers, you'll see the 5GHz connection as a separate Wi-Fi network in Windows. By default, it'll have 5G at the end of the SSID.

Why won't my router connect to 5GHz?

If your router is not specifically broadcasting a 5 GHz connection, but is broadcasting a 2.4 GHz signal, try rebooting the router. That’s always the first thing you should try. When the router has successfully rebooted, check all devices to see if they’re receiving the 5 GHz signal. Doing this can help you rule out specific devices.

How can I increase the bandwidth on my Netgear router?

Another thing to try is enabling Netgear's Dynamic QoS (Quality of Service) feature that is supported on some routers. This will help to intelligently prioritize bandwidth to make sure that the most important and demanding tasks, like streaming video and gaming, for example, are getting the share of the bandwidth they need.

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