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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a networking switch and a hub?

The switch is a smart network device. In contrast to the hub, it reviews the packets of data and directs them just to the right one. It does that by remembering the MAC addresses of the connected gadgets. The switch can support different common network types like 802.11, Ethernet, Fibre and more.

What are the disadvantages of using a hub over a switch?

Since an Ethernet hub uses simple electronics and is easier to manufacture, it can be cheaper than a network switch. However, since unmanaged switches are already relatively inexpensive, saving a few bucks on a hub and missing out on all the features of a switch is just not worth it—unless you're using a hub for other reasons!

What are the benefits of using a networking switch?

As a full-duplex network bridge that operates on the data link layer and sometimes the network layer, a switch provides better speed, privacy, security, and versatility when compared to a hub. For these reasons, a switch is used on almost every network that needs more Ethernet ports than a router can provide.

How much does an Ethernet switch cost?

On the other hand, an Ethernet switch separates the network into smaller, less crowded sections. Hubs are less expensive than switches, with the average Ethernet hub costing about $30-40. Switching to an ethernet switch becomes more viable as users increase.

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