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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the New Balance 990v5 shoes unique?

Made with style and comfort in mind, the New Balance Women's 990V5 shoes are designed to support you all day with and Ortholite® insert and breathable mesh upper for a supportive fit and feel.

Is the Nike 990v5 a good sneaker for women?

This sneaker is a big improvement over the older 990V4 ladies sneaker. It offers much better support and cushioning. I thought the 990V4 was good until I wore the new 990V5, which I just purchased from Amazon.

Are nbnb 990s worth it?

NB 990s are the most supportive, long-lasting athletic shoes I've ever had. I've worn earlier versions for years. V5 is also comfortable, but seem a little tighter in the toe box and less soft in the heel. They just don't feel as good as earlier versions.

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