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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the New Balance 990 come out?

The first NB 990 shoe came out in 1982 and has gathered popularity since. Although the 990v2 didn’t come out until 1998, the 995–999 of the similar 99X range thrived in the years in between. Since its release, the 990 New Balance range has gathered something of a cult following.

Is the New Balance 990 a good running shoe?

New Balance is all about stability without sacrificing style. The New Balance 990 has all the aspects of the brand’s other top-notch shoe models, but it’s specifically designed for the most dedicated runners.

Is the NB 990v5 the next-level of the 990?

There’s never been a doubt about the next-level feel of the NB 990 line. It’s been the same from the 990s, up to New Balances 990v4. The new 990v5 is the same. By now, customers expect the best from the 990 range. And, feedback for the 990v5 is largely positive.

Which celebrities wear new balance 990s?

Our research has led us to New Balance officials claiming the range is/was worn and loved by: Steve Jobs. Ben Affleck. Jennifer Garner. Hillary Duff. It’s no shock that such notable names have flocked to the NB 990 range. The 990 was a gamechanger in the shoe world, according to many sneakerheads.

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