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Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Balance 813s good for walking?

The New Balance 813 is said to provide more flexibility than an average walking shoe. This is due to the lightweight midsole that bends in the right places, and the Walking Strike Path that helps deliver a proper stride. Many customers were happy to comment on the smooth ride they get out of this design.

What is the difference between the New Balance 928 and 813?

The 928 is the most heavy duty stability walking shoe offered by New Balance. However, the 813 has almost all of the same technology, without the added weight and bulk.

What is TPU on New Balance 813 shoes?

TPU is known to be extremely durable and flexible, and in the case of the New Balance 813, it's also a part of the Rollbar technology, designed to minimize pronation and supination. Flexibility is essential when it comes to keeping balance and preventing sore and tired feet.

What kind of Shoes does New Balance make?

From light and breathable minimalist running shoes that carry you the extra mile to eye-catching casual sneakers that never sacrifice comfort, there's a New Balance shoe for your show-stopping purposes. And if you're looking for a gift for the athlete in your life, shop our best gifts for women holiday gift guide.

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