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Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Balance shoes good for walking?

New Balance walking shoes are about more than just function – they’re unique, stylish, and adaptable for everyday life. From shoes for standing in an office to hiking shoes to walk on your favorite trail, New Balance sneakers are fresh, functional and fashionable.

What is NewNew balance?

New Balance is proud to offer the ultimate solution for walking comfort - mindfully crafted fitness-oriented shoes designed to cushion, balance, and protect with every step.

What makes our walking shoes for women so special?

Crafted from premium foam to cradle heels and cushion your feet, these walking shoes for women are guaranteed to wrap your foot in total comfort no matter your adventure - whether you're walking down the street to get the mail or miles on the treadmill.

What kind of shoes should I wear for a walk?

Materials like leather and suede grant you modern options that are perfect for workdays, where synthetic sport style options are perfect for a walk outdoors. While you’re gearing up for your next venture, browse the collection of men’s jackets and vests to stay comfortable year-round. What are the best walking shoes for heel pain?

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