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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the last hurricane to hit New Jersey?

Cape May Hurricane of 1821 - The last major hurricane to make a direct landfall in New Jersey. This storm, which was a Category Four Hurricane, struck Cape May on September 3, 1821, and had hurricane force winds go as far west as Philadelphia, while folks in New Jersey experienced wind gusts of up to 200 mph.

What hurricane hit New Jersey?

The 12 most destructive hurricanes and tropical storms to ever hit N.J. Snow Hurricane (Oct. ... Great Coastal Hurricane (Aug. ... Norfolk - Long Island Hurricane (Sept. ... Norfolk - Long Island Hurricane (Sept. ... Great Hurricane (Sept. ... Great Hurricane (Sept. ... Great New England Hurricane (Sept. ... Great New England Hurricane (Sept. ... Great Atlantic Hurricane (Sept. ... Great Atlantic Hurricane (Sept. ... More items...

Is there a tornado in New Jersey?

There have been several tornados to impact New Jersey. Luckily no one has ever died due to one in NJ. Tags: tornado, new jersey.

What is local flooding?

Local flood. The flood detailed in Genesis 6-8 is taken by some as a local or regional flood that was sent by God to destroy all mankind. This deluge is traditionally interpreted as being global in magnitude, but many believe it was simply a regional event.

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