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When was the first map of New Jersey published?

His prolific, fine engravings made him one of the great cartographers of his era. This map of New Jersey was included in his 1777 landmark publication The North American Atlas: Selected from the Most Authentic Maps, Charts, Plans, &c., Hitherto Published. At its time, the map was the largest of the province that had been published.

What are the two lines on the 1777 New Jersey map?

Two other lines are prominently displayed on the 1777 map: "Division Line Run in 1743 between East New Jersey and West New Jersey" and "Keiths Line in 1687." George Keith (1639? –1716), surveyor general of East Jersey, was hired to survey the division line between the two provinces in 1687.

When was New Jersey divided into East and West Jersey?

1777: William Faden (1749–1836). "The Province of New Jersey, Divided into East and West, Commonly Called the Jerseys" ( [London]: Wm. Faden, Charing Cross, December 1st, 1777) [Historic Maps Collection, purchased by the Friends of the Princeton University Library].

What is the size of the 1784 New Jersey map?

1784: "The State of New Jersey." Copperplate map, 57.3 × 26.7 cm. From The Petitions and Memorials of the Proprietors of West and East-Jersey, to the Legislature of New-Jersey: Together with a Map of the State of New-Jersey, and the Country Adjacent: and Also an Appendix . . .

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