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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of the New York Times Spelling Bee?

The rules are pretty simple: Each day offers up seven letters arranged in a honeycomb shape (honeycomb, spelling BEE, somebody on the Times design staff got a buzz out of that). Players need to make words of four or more letters using the given letters, and always have to include the center letter.

How do you win a spelling bee?

To win the game you need to collect the maximum number of points for a given set of letters. Regular Spelling Bee games improve memory, mental clarity and slow down the aging of brain cells.

What are the rules of a spelling bee?

The rules of the Spelling Bee are quite simple. Find as many words as possible in a set of 7 letters. Every day you are given new 7 letters - 6 simple and one mandatory. You need to click on the letters on the screen or keyboard to form words from them with a length of 4 letters.

How do you prepare for a spelling bee?

1) Find out the date of the spelling bee. Ask your teacher if there is a specific list of words you can study. (Hopefully you'll already know many of these words from following the steps above.) Then study! 2) Practice a lot of words aloud with a friend or family member.

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