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Frequently Asked Questions

Did NYT buy wordle?

Wordle — the viral daily word guessing game that was recently bought by The New York Times — has been on a tear in the past few days. Brainteasers like “ULTRA,” “ULCER,” and “ALOFT” have appeared, frustrating players, many of whom have ...

Who bought wordle and for how much?

Who bought Wordle? The smash hit online word guessing game was created by Josh Wardle last year and has built an astonishing following with its simple no-frills format. Last month is was confirmed that the popular online puzzle Wordle had been bought by The New York Times for a fee of more than $1 million.

Will 'wordle' stay free after the New York Times purchase?

Saving the game to your computer could be helpful after Wordle migrates to The New York Times. While the Times has said that Wordle will “initially remain free,” you could try to maintain your ...

Did someone buy wordle?

The sudden hit Wordle, in which once a day players get six chances to guess a five-letter word, has been acquired by The New York Times Company. The purchase, announced by The Times on Monday ...

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