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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the New York Yankees the best team?

The New York Yankees are the best team in baseball. After the Yanks topped the Boston Red Sox 3-2 Tuesday night, the two teams are now tied atop the American League East with identical 25-10 records. They also boast the best records in all of baseball.

When is the New York Yankees spring training?

The New York Yankees announced when their spring training workouts will start in 2018 and their full Grapefruit League schedule. Pitchers and catchers will report to Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 13. Their first workout will be the next day.

What is original name of New York Yankees?

The Dallas Cowboys may be America's team in football but the New York Yankees are America's team in baseball. Origins. In 1903 a new team was introduced to New York. The original name was the Highlanders because they played on a field in Manhattan that was one of the highest points in the city.

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