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What is the history of the New York Yankees?

“There has been history between us ... That’s what makes our feelings for the Yankees very special.” Virginia Tech will travel to New York this weekend and will face Maryland in the Pinstripe Bowl on Wednesday.

Who were the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees were the dominant baseball team of the 1950s. On paper, teams like the Brooklyn Dodgers and Cleveland Indians appeared to be superior, but somehow Yankees manager Casey Stengel found a way to win — and win often. Stengel, who had a 965-582-2 record during the decade, piloted the Yankees to eight American League pennants ...

Who are the New York Yankees?

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball's lockout has left the New York Yankees unaware of how DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Hicks, Jameson Taillon and Darren O'Day are progressing following surgery. Hicks, rehabbing from a May 26 operation to repair a torn tendon sheath ...

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