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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install Newgrounds Flash Player?

Newgrounds Flash Player Step 1: Download the Player Click here to download the installer. Step 2: Install the Player Run the installer file, following any on-screen prompts. This early version may trigger... Step 3: Play Your Favorite Content!

Why does the Newgrounds Player not work with flash?

Same, i did some testing, and the best reason i can come up with is because flash is blocking all flash activities. It also makes the newgrounds player just plain not work]

Is there any malware/adware built into Newgrounds Player?

There are NO hidden surprises (malware/adware/tracking/etc) built into this player. It was made to play Flash content, and nothing else! Simply follow the directions below to get started. Update (February 18, 2021): Newgrounds Player will now edit a Flash\mms.cfg file on Windows as part of the installation process, to allow Flash to run in Windows.

What to do if Newgrounds Player keeps failing to install?

Restart your computer and try installing " install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" (it's on your Newgrounds Player installation folder) again. 🔔 If it keeps failing, keep reading. Right click on " install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" and click uninstall.

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