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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the CEO of Google when they made the deal with Facebook?

The deal with Facebook, which Google dubbed "Jedi Blue," was "signed off" by Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on an email thread discussing it, they said in their third amended complaint.

What was the antitrust lawsuit against Google about?

Newly unredacted documents from a state-led antitrust lawsuit against Google accuse the search giant of colluding with rival Facebook to manipulate online advertising sales. The CEOs of both companies were aware of the deal and signed off on it, the lawsuit alleges.

When was the lawsuit against Google and Facebook filed?

The original, redacted lawsuit, filed in December 2021, accused Google of “anti-competitive conduct” and of teaming up with the social networking giant. But the unredacted version offers details on the involvement of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in approving the deal. Facebook has since renamed itself Meta.

What's the newest name for the Google Pixel?

What we did see in last year's leaks, including code from Google's software products, was the codename “Passport”. The newest one is Pipit, which we saw in a benchmark leaka few days ago. Google Pipit can't be the commercial name of any Pixel device though, let alone a foldable handset.

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