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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we want our communities to trust us?

“We always say we want our communities to trust us. They will never trust us if we don’t treat officers like we treat citizens when they commit egregious acts,” she said. “So I thought it was important to not be a hypocrite about it. And these families deserve swift justice.”

What is the crisis we are facing with today's announcement?

The crisis we are facing with today's announcement, just to show he is misleading society, is that today we are going to end up with a 10.7%, as a consumer, commercial bank rate that we are going to be charged, 10.75%.

What happened to Teh?

Public Bank had announced that Teh, its chairman Emeritus who founded the banking group in 1965, had passed away peacefully at 10.20am on Dec 12. CGS-CIMB Research said his demise would trigger a major change in the shareholding structure of Public Bank with the potential emergence of a new substantial shareholder.

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