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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to bollards in Edinburgh?

Bollards to stop an illegal left-turn have been knocked down by drivers in Edinburgh. From royal palaces to glamorous restaurants to trees that aren't really trees. The new arrivals brought cheer to their parents in the early hours of Christmas morning. Danube Street in Edinburgh was once home to Scotland's most famous brothel.

How do I contact BBC News?

Email us at [email protected] Send an SMS or MMS to +44 7624 800100. Follow Have Your Say on Twitter. Why you can trust BBC News

Why are there no trains in Scotland on Christmas Day?

No trains will run in Scotland until Tuesday as services are hit by strike action by Network Rail workers. The 69-year-old was held by police after the incident at Glasgow Royal Infirmary on Christmas Eve. A Met Office yellow alert for snow and ice has been put in place for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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