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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is newsnews4jax?

News4JAX live stream works along with WCWJ CH 17. Both channels share their studios on the St. Johns River’s south bank at 4 Broadcast Place, Jacksonville. The channel’s transmitter lies in the Jacksonville’s Killarney Shores part at Anders Boulevard.

Where can I watch WJXT newscasts?

All WJXT newscasts are streamed on, our news apps and most smart TVs and set-top boxes. If you do not see the click to play button on the video player above, try disabling pop-up or ad blockers on your browser.

What is the difference between jaxbest and News4Jax insider?

WJXT News is the market leader committed to serving the local community with quality newscasts and programming. The station’s Jaxbest service features all the strict Jacksonville things that make the region stand out of the rest. The station’s News4jax insider is a membership service bringing the community into the process of news gathering.

Who is Tom Wills News4Jax?

Tom Wills is the most respectable member of the News4Jax team because of his superiority in terms of both experience and age. He has given a part of his life to the channel and still serving Jacksonville, Florida, with everything he’s got. Wills is a limited person without any of the digital background.

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