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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free classifieds on Long Island?

Explore free classifieds for Long Island, including autos jobs, real estate, and buy and sell goods. Only from Place a private party merchandise or pet ad online or an enhanced message with Newsday and on for as little as $34.60!

Who is Newsday Media Group?

Newsday Media Group is Long Island’s largest publisher of local shoppers. We reach 930,000 households and businesses weekly in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Read more…

Why should I subscribe to Newsday?

Most will be heavily discounted for subscribers. Newsday subscribers will also enjoy numerous discounts on restaurants, services and merchandise. It all adds up to a powerful package that informs you, saves you money, and helps you get even more from life on this beautiful Island we all share.

What is the new Newsday experience?

The new Newsday experience builds on a tradition of journalistic excellence that is not going away. Newsday will retain and enhance its award winning investigative, feature and documentary units, as well as its cadre of experienced and locally knowledgeable beat reporters.

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