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Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe to Newsday?

Enjoy high-quality coverage of Long Island and New York metro news with a Newsday newspaper subscription. Choose digital only or print plus digital options and find out what's happening in Suffolk and Nassau counties and Queens. Found a great deal or code?

What is the Newsday app?

The Newsday app provides extensive Long Island local news coverage 24/7. Newsday subscribers have unlimited access to the app. Or, you can subscribe via iTunes for an all-access digital subscription.

Is the Newsday newspaper reliable?

Have been a Newsday subscriber for many, many decades because the reporting has always been reliable and pertinent; still is. However, from time to time I view the paper online, mostly to share an article or op/ed with someone. Finding it online should be very easy and it is, if it’s that day’s paper.

What is the new Newsday experience?

The new Newsday experience builds on a tradition of journalistic excellence that is not going away. Newsday will retain and enhance its award winning investigative, feature and documentary units, as well as its cadre of experienced and locally knowledgeable beat reporters.

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