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Frequently Asked Questions

What does zenitsu's 'Guess I'll die' meme mean?

The "guess I'll die" isn't the only popular meme that Zenitsu has stumbled his way into, the "He protect. He Attack. He..." is another one to find our faint-hearted friend. Putting his usually frightened state front and center, this memes makes fun of the fact that Zenitsu is constantly one trouble away from a panic attack.

What does the Smol Nezuko running meme mean?

The only thing funnier and more adorable than Smol Nezuko is Smol Nezuko running, and she does quite a bit of that when she and Tanjiro are forced to flee from the Hashiras after their fight with Rui. She looks silly and cute as she flees from her assailants, and this meme compares it to running away from an endless number of problems.

What kind of character is zenzenitsu?

Zenitsu is basically a doormat when awake and aware of his surrounds. Usually, the type to cling to others and run away instead of taking any difficulties head-on, when backed into a corner he seems to resign himself to his fate.

Will zenitsu's attitude change when Nezuko is around?

In a comic that seems like it would be right at home in the anime, it demonstrates just how quickly Zenitsu's attitude might change when Nezuko is involved. Zenitsu is basically a doormat when awake and aware of his surrounds.

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