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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the Nezumi?

The Nezumi held a very strong position when the tribes stood united as the One Tribe under the leadership of Kan'ok'ticheck. In 1165 five tribes, Tattered Ear, Third Whisker, Green-Green-White, Chipped Tooth, and Crippled Bone were united under him to destroy the Stained Paw Tribe.

What are nenezumi known for?

Nezumi had excellent senses of smell and exuded pheromones from glands near their tails in order to convey scent messages to their kin. They were extremely resistant to corruption and disease. Their lifetime was between twenty-five to thirty-five years. They were notorious for their short attention spans and lack of long-term memory.

Why did the Nezumi avoid the Burning Sands?

The Nezumi remembered that dark time and avoided the Burning Sands, where they believed evil spirits would destroy them. Before the Naga 's Great Sleep, the Ratlings were nothing but simple animals to the Naga race. They served as pets, guardians, and even food.

How did the Nezumi become a migratory race?

The nezumi scattered and formed several tribes, becoming a migratory race. Their members were mostly scavengers and scouts, and the scroungers raided food supplies from human castles and villages. Once the loot was secured they moved far from the old position.

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