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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my pen stuck on Lazy Nezumi pro?

If you lift your pen out of tablet proximity before Lazy Nezumi Pro has finished your line, Photoshop will then get stuck waiting for more tablet input. To unfreeze, simply move your pen back to the tablet and let it finish the line.

How do I attach lazy Nezumi pro to my art software?

How do I attach Lazy Nezumi Pro to my art software? If you are using a different art application than Photoshop, select the File/Hook Window menu, then place your mouse cursor over the canvas window of your art software. You should then see a flashing red rectangle around the window (this isn't always visible).

What versions of Photoshop does ablelazy Nezumi pro work with?

Lazy Nezumi Pro has been tested to run with most versions of Photoshop with plugin support. It also works with many other art apps using the Hook Window method.

How do I fix the screen resolution on Nezumi pro?

Lazy Nezumi Pro 's "Settings/Tablet Options/Pen Offset Fix" can help with this. You can also try forcing Win10 to not scale the UI by setting these high-DPI settings via the app's compatibility tab.

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