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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nekomimi/nezumimi mean?

Nekomimi / nekomusume - 'cat ears' or 'cat daughter,' nekomimis are the best-known. Nezumimi / Nezumusume - 'mouse/rat ears' or 'mouse/rat daughter.'

How big do Nezumi get?

Nezumi are about the same size as humans; they average five and a half feet tall and 155 pounds. Nezumi possess great vitality, cunning and keen senses. They have special glands that can be used to leave scent messages for other Nezumi. Other bestial feature are combat-ready claws and teeth.

What race is Nezumi?

Nezumi fictional races are most often anthropomorphic rats. They share some qualities of Oriental cultures and have a knack for thievery and ninjutsu. This image is probably thanks to Nezumi Kozō, Japanese noble thief hero similar to Robin Hood .

What does kitsunemimi mean in Japanese?

Kitsunemimi / Kitsunemusume - 'fox ears' or 'fox daughter,' the second most common variant after nekomimis. Kōmorimimi / Kōmorimusume - 'bat ears' or 'bat daughter.'

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