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Frequently Asked Questions

What are others saying about the Nikon D850?

The Nikon D850 viewfinder is large and bright, and another nice gain for me. The battery life is also superior to past full frame Nikons, with the D850 capable of over 1,800 shots on a single charge. The Nikon D850 is also built like a tank. As with its predecessors, the D850 has a full magnesium-alloy frame and feels incredibly sturdy.

Does the Nikon D850 have image stabilization?

If there’s one thing the D850 is missing that the latest mirrorless cameras have really jumped on, it’s in-body image stabilization. However, Nikon combats this partially with an electronic version. An unfortunate aspect to this is that the D850 only does this for video resolutions under 4K.

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