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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nikon Z8 a full frame mirrorless camera?

Nikon Z8 is an upcoming Z-mount high megapixel full frame mirrorless camera to be announced in Spring 2023, and release date in March/April 2023. Since Sony a7R V uses 61MP full frame sensor, Nikon Z8 will probably use this 61MP sensor. Price, Specs is not available yet. Stay tuned for more info.

Is the Nikon Z8 production ready?

While yet to be confirmed, Nikon Rumors suggests the Nikon Z8 is “production ready”. In fact, it could have been on shelves already were it not for components shortages that have held back so many releases over the last couple of years.

How much does the Nikon z9 cost?

But the Nikon Z9 remains an extremely exclusive camera. It's currently out of stock in most regions, including the US and UK, and its $5,499 / £5,299 / AU$8,999 price tag remains prohibitive for almost everyone beyond agency photographers and well-heeled pros.

Will the Nikon Z8 have the same sensor as the z9?

This explains the recent rumors from the likes of 'how2fly' that the Nikon Z8 could have the same 45.7MP stacked sensor and Expeed 7 processor as the Nikon Z9, the company's flagship mirrorless camera.

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