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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ni''iinlii njik?

Together, Ni''iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park and adjacent Habitat Protection Area (HPA) and Settlement Lands protect a distinct and fascinating ecosystem and an enduring Gwich'in connection to the land.

What does nnjk mean?

Urban Dictionary: nnjk nah nah just kidding. Another form of jk nah nah just kidding. Another form of jk Browse A B C D E F G H I

What is the Ni'iinlii'njik Wilderness Preserve management plan?

The Ni'iinlii'Njik (Fishing Branch) Wilderness Preserve and Habitat Protection Area Management plan was completed and recommended by Vuntut Gwitchin Government and Government of Yukon in 2004 and updated in 2010.

What is NNK in tobacco?

NNK is a compound that is naturally synthesized in tobacco leaves that are exposed to light: the pyrrolidine ring in the nicotine opens and turns the nicotine into NNK. Most of the NNK found in tobacco smoke originates from nicotine burning.

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