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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noah’s Ark free for kids 2021?

Watch Junior, Gracie, Gloria, and George experience the life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark! Children 10 and under enjoy free admission to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for 2021! There’s no limit to how many children you can bring for free. (Though, of course, the children must be accompanied by at least one adult.)

Are satellite photos of Noah’s Ark proving it exists?

Image Courtesy of Digital Globe Satellite photos of Mount Aratat, Turkey taken by commercial imaging satellite company Digital Globe released today are said to contain proof of the existence of the biblical Noah’s Ark.

What's new at Ark Encounter for 2021?

This offer makes it easier for families with young children to visit this incredible themed attraction in Northern Kentucky. Junior is right, kids want to see the Ark for themselves. For 2021 we’ve released never-before-seen clips of the giraffes visiting Ark Encounter.

Where can I see Noah's Ark in Ohio?

Experience Bible history at the life-size Noah’s Ark! Meet Noah, his family, and the animals on the Ark. The family-friendly Ark Encounter theme park near Cincinnati also features a zoo, zip lines, and timber-frame restaurant.

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