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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sensory friendly at Noah's Ark?

Sensory Friendly Hours—The Skirball welcomes all visitors to enjoy a Noah’s Ark experience specially designed for guests with autism spectrum disorders, sensory-processing differences, and other developmental disabilities.

Is it safe to reopen Noah's Ark?

The New York Times The Skirball Cultural Center uses CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to guide our policies and consulted with a specialist at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health on plans to reopen Noah’s Ark in the safest way possible.

Is Noah's Ark worth visiting?

Welcome back to Noah’s Ark! This award-winning children's and family destination invites visitors of all generations to play, climb, build, explore, make believe, and make friends—all while exploring an eight-thousand-square-foot wooden ark, filled to the rafters with whimsical animals and new storm clouds that will spark your senses.

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