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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did 16 employees at Noah’s Bagels in Vacaville quit in protest?

A video of all 16 employees at a Noah’s Bagels in Vacaville went viral after they quit in protest, alleging their former manager was unjustly fired. The user, former employee Beonc​​e Sarmiento, posted the video that shows all 15 of her co-workers showing up to the store to simultaneously quit.

Who is William Cox-Booth from Noah’s Bagels?

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — An entire staff at a Vacaville bagel shop quit their jobs in protest, and now the video they posted to TikTok showing their final day is going viral with six million views. William Cox-Booth is one of the 16 Noah’s Bagels staff members recorded on the video all quitting in protest on the same day.

Did bagel shop staff walk off the job after being fired?

Every single staff member at a California bagel shop walked off the job over the weekend to stand by their general manager who they say was wrongfully fired.

Why choose Noah’s catering?

Now when you place a catering order of $150 or more, get rewarded with an gift card*. We serve food you feel good about eating, so your best days start at Noah’s. That’s why we’ve made our coffee even better!

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