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Frequently Asked Questions

What bank does Nordstrom use for credit cards?

Important information about the Nordstrom credit card Nordstrom credit cards are issued by TD Bank USA, N.A.; subject to approval. Nordstrom is TD Bank USA, N.A.’s service provider for the Nordstrom Credit Card program.

How do I apply for a Nordstrom credit card in person?

Apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card In-Person. You also have the option to apply in person by following these steps: Find your closest Nordstrom store using Nordstrom’s online store locator. Bring your chosen form of ID. The application will require your Social Security number, income information and date of birth.

How do I get the Nordstrom Notes bonus?

Fill out the Nordstrom credit card paper application found at customer service or near a cash register. Upon approval, you will receive a $40 Nordstrom Notes bonus if you spend at least $100 on that day.

How do I transfer money from one Nordstrom account to another?

Step 1: Log in to the Nordstrom FCU online banking. Step 2: In the “Send Money” tab, select “Go” in the External Transfers section. Step 3: Enter the dollar amount and information for your other account. Step 4: Authenticate yourself, click “Submit,” and you’re done!

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