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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norristown State Hospital used for?

The hospital provides treatment for patients with severe and persistent mental illness. Norristown State Hospital is located outside of the city of Philadelphia, in Norristown, Pennsylvania. It stretches for 225 rolling, tree-lined acres, and is home to many different community mental health service providers.

What is nornorristown State Hospital doing about human rights?

Norristown State Hospital has an active Human Rights Committee composed of hospital staff, advocates, patients, and interested patients from the community. This group reviews key risk management data, hospital policy, and advises the hospital administration on areas of concern.

How can I volunteer at nornorristown State Hospital?

Norristown State Hospital continues to operate a very active volunteer program, which provides supplemental services and robust community contact for patients. If you would like to volunteer or donate clothes, please contact the Volunteer Department at 610- 313-1228.

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