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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of good mathematical notation?

Some mathematical notations use diagrams, or small drawings to show the underlying concepts. One example is the Penrose graphical notation which is used to show tensors. Another examples are Coxeter-Dynkin diagram which are used for certain problems of geometry. There are different ways to write down an equation like two and three

What is standard mathematical notation?

Standard notation is when a number is completely written out using numerical digits. Some examples of numbers written in standard notation are 64,100 and 2,000,000. Standard notation is commonly used in everyday math.

What does function notation mean in math?

Function notation is a method of writing algebraic variables as functions of other variables. Most often, functions are portrayed as a set of x/y coordinates, with the vertical y-axis serving as a function of x. For example, writing "f(x) = 3x" is the same as writing "y = 3x.".

What does 'such that' mean in math?

: Denotes the ratio of two quantities. In some countries, may denote division. In set-builder notation, it is used as a separator meaning "such that"; see {□ : □}.

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