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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best colors for a baby nursery?

Soothing colors are the best choices for a nursery. If you're drawn to a bright color such as red, try a lighter, less active shade such as deep pink, or use it as an accent by adding red toys, pillows, blankets or artwork.

What is a well baby nursery?

Well, baby nurseries provide routine medical care, including assessment and state-mandated newborn screening. Regular well baby nurseries can typically care for premature babies born at 35 weeks (called late preterm babies) and those with minor medical problems.

What happens to your baby in the nursery?

What happens to your baby in the nursery. Nurse: His spine is nice and straight; there's no holes there at all. And if you look at the creases here, they are all equal. If there was any problems with his hips, too, the creases are unequal. Narrator: All the dry, flaky skin and wrinkles on Francis's feet are normal too.

Is nursery water good for babies?

The whole controversy regarding the use of nursery water is about its fluoride content. While health experts are divided over the effects of fluorides in nursery water, manufacturers claim that small amounts of fluorides in nursery water is beneficial for babies.

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