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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find out case number from NVC?

You can find these numbers in the NVC Case Creation notification you were emailed or mailed. The NVC Case Number is a series of three letters and ten numbers. The letters are an abbreviation of the consulate where the case will be processed and the first four numbers are the year the case was created.

Does the NVC e-mail the case number?

NVC will send you a letter or e-mail with your case number and a separate invoice ID number. Keep in mind that you cannot begin to pay fees or submit documents until you receive this letter from NVC instructing you to begin processing.

What does "at NVC" status mean?

At NVC status indicates the application has been received by the National Visa Center, but the agency has not started processing it. In Transit status indicates your case is being sent to a U.S. embassy or consulate.

What is the meaning of NVC?

(abbreviated NVC, also called compassionate communication or collaborative communication) is an approach to communication based on principles of nonviolence. It is not a technique to end disagreements, but rather a method designed to increase empathy and improve the quality of life of those who utilize the method and ...

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