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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the NVidia Control Panel?

When Windows loads again you can access the NVIDIA Control Panel through the Windows Control Panel. For Windows 8, right-click the Windows button in the desktop task bar and then select "Control Panel" from the jump menu. For Windows 7, click the "Start" button and then choose "Control Panel" from the Start menu.

How to get nvdia control panel?

Download NVIDIA Control Panel Manually Go to Microsoft Store. You can type store in the search box to open it directly. Search NVIDIA Control Panel. In the result list, you will find it. Click the link to go to NVIDIA Control Panel download page. Click Get button to get it free.

Where can I download the NVidia Control Panel?

Access to the NVIDIA Control Panel is through the Windows Control Panel. If you've installed an NVIDIA card in your computer but you can't find the Control Panel software you can obtain it by downloading and installing the most recent device driver for your card.

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