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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't access NVidia Control Panel?

If you can't access NVIDIA Control Panel, it is possible that some necessary services are stopped . To get rid of this issue, you should have a check and make sure they are running. Here is what you should do: Press the Win + R keys, input msc to the pop-up Run window and click OK.

Can't find NVidia Control Panel?

How to Quickly Fix/Find It Make Sure 'Add Desktop Context Menu' is Selected. If you can't find NVIDIA Control Panel in your Desktop context menu (that's the pop-up menu when you right-click your desktop), the ... Restart NVIDIA Services. ... Update Your NVIDIA Drivers. ... Reinstall Your NVIDIA Drivers. ... Install NVIDIA Control Panel from Windows 10 Store. ...

Can not access the control panel?

Re: Cannot access control panel or other settings Right click on Task Bar > Properties > Start Menu tab > make sure Start Menu is selected below and click on Customize > Advanced > under Start Menu Items you'll see Control Panel > select whatever you prefer and click on OK

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