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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find NVidia Control Panel?

How to Quickly Fix/Find It Make Sure 'Add Desktop Context Menu' is Selected. If you can't find NVIDIA Control Panel in your Desktop context menu (that's the pop-up menu when you right-click your desktop), the ... Restart NVIDIA Services. ... Update Your NVIDIA Drivers. ... Reinstall Your NVIDIA Drivers. ... Install NVIDIA Control Panel from Windows 10 Store. ...

How to get nvdia control panel?

Download NVIDIA Control Panel Manually Go to Microsoft Store. You can type store in the search box to open it directly. Search NVIDIA Control Panel. In the result list, you will find it. Click the link to go to NVIDIA Control Panel download page. Click Get button to get it free.

Can't install NVidia Control Panel?

Part 1: How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Method 1: Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel. You cannot find NVIDIA Control Panel just because it's hidden from your computer, and this often happens after Windows Update. Method 2: Enable NVIDIA Related Services. ... Method 3: Re-install NVIDIA Control Panel from Windows Store. ... Method 4: Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver. ...

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