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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an o5-x?

The O5-X , O5-Head or Head Overseer is the second highest position in the SCP Foundation, reporting directly to the Administrator. The O5 Head has great power over the O5 Council, and the Foundation as a whole.

Who is o5-4?

O5-4 played a large role in Foundation manipulation of world governments and economic systems. Additionally, he had extensive ties to organized crime and domestic terrorism, ties which existed before his elevation to the O5 Council.

What is the O5 command?

A collection of 13 individuals, their identities unknown except to a select few, who control the actions of the entire Foundation. They can access every file, demand any resource, and when a matter comes to controversy, it is the O5 Command who take matters to a vote.

What is an O5 Council?

The O5 Council are the Directors of their desired department, handpicked by the O5-X and above. The new O5 Council are selected when the former ones retire/get fired from their spot. This is the list of all O5 Council and their departments:

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