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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is o5-1?

Reference: SCP-1000, SCP-2932, and reality restructuring cascades. O5-1 is a reluctant founding member of the SCP Foundation. As one of those who led humanity from the Garden, she felt responsibility for helping to guide humanity through the uncertain future ahead. Reports suggest she may often disagree with the rest of the O5 Council.

Who is O51 in SCP?

O5-1 is the first member of the O5 Council, the ruling council of the SCP Foundation. As with other O5 members, O5-1 is an enigmatic figure, who's true identity and appearance are completely unknown to the rest of the Foundation, save for the rest of the Council and select individuals.

What happened to o5-1?

The oldest surviving founding member of O5 Command, O5-1 is technically dead. He survives only due to anomalous alteration and sheer willpower; his body is a mummified corpse, and he should biologically be brain-dead. Never appears in public. When public appearances are necessary sends a stand-in. Works exclusively through intermediaries.

Is o5-1 the most powerful O5 council member?

Whatever the reason, O5-1 is often reported to be the most powerful O5 Council member, if reports suggest that there even is a most powerful O5 Council member. Given the amount of disinformation spread about the O5 Council, make of this what you will.

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