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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of oak?

Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. / oʊk /. B2. a large tree that is common in northern countries, or the hard wood of this tree: a mighty oak. The timbers of those old sailing ships were mostly oak. an oak table / cupboard. LucasFotoArt/Moment/GettyImages. More examples.

Is oak a hardwood?

Oak is a hardwood. This distinction doesn’t refer to a wood’s ability to resist damage, though. It has to do with whether the wood came from a dicot or gymnosperm tree. Leafy trees are typically from the dicot group, and so they’re all hardwoods. Others, such as pine and fir, are from the gymnosperm group, and that’s why they’re called softwoods.

Is oak wood eco-friendly?

Oak trees grow in abundance, especially here in Vermont. Oak wood is generally a good choice in terms of eco-friendliness because it’s durable, which keeps it out of landfills, and is biodegradable. However, our craftsmen take it a step further and select sustainably-grown local wood as much as possible.

Is sheoak an oak?

This oak belongs to the Casuarinaceae family that is common in Australia. This is an example of the inaccuracy of common names. Despite bearing the “oak” name, silver oak, stone oak, and sheoak are not true oaks because they are not in the Quercus genus.

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