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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy at Oakwood Homes of Lexington?

Save thousands* on select homes. Opening doors to a better life. Located on Highway 378, the Oakwood Homes of Lexington eagerly wants to assist you in finding your family the perfect home! Stop by our home center on Sunset Boulevard and see which new manufactured, modular and mobile homes for sale best fit your lifestyle.

Why buy from Oakwood Homes of Barboursville?

The Oakwood Homes of Barboursville has a variety of manufactured, modular and mobile homes for sale that can meet both your needs and budget. Stop by the home center to take a tour of our fully furnished display models and see firsthand which features you would love to see customized into your single, double or triple wide home!

Why buy a mobile home from Oakwood Homes of Elizabethtown?

The mobile homes for sale at Oakwood Homes of Elizabethtown are high quality, upgradable homes, so come find your very own slice of the world today! Built to Last a Lifetime. Or Two. Our homes are designed with you in mind.

Where can I buy a double wide home in Louisville?

Come visit Oakwood Homes of Elizabethtown and see the largest selection of new double wides that you can find in the Greater Louisville area! Are you ready to find a single wide, double wide or triple wide home that you can call your own?

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