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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the smoke house so special?

The Smoke House was built at the end of WWII and is one of the few L.A. restaurants of that era to survive to today. It has the decor and aura of a different age and has grown steadily with the growth of the movie industry and through word of mouth in the Burbank community.

What is the Oakwood Premier mobile bar?

Defying the traditional club lounge experience, bask in the luxury of a personalised evening lounge indulgence with the Oakwood Premier Mobile Bar, a hallmark experience which comprises your choice of crafted cocktails and canapés served a la minute in the tranquil surrounds of your apartment. Now available at all Oakwood Premier properties.

Why buy an oakwood property?

Whether you are looking for an exclusive luxury residence, a safe and spacious residence for your family, a chic pad which enables your independence, or a canvas to curate your very own living space, there’s an Oakwood property for you.

Is Oakwood a good place to eat ribs?

I highly recommend Oakwood! We starting going to Oakwood when it was in a little strip mall in Leesburg. I don't eat ribs anywhere else. My favorite sides and the mouthwatering ribs make it a must. The staff is wonderful. We always have the greatest friendly service. I've enjoyed... their curbside during the pandemic so I don't have to miss a meal.

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