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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Obby's nickname?

Obby refers to Oreyara with the title "Your Boltiness" when speaking to her. Although Obby is very small, from a games mechanics standpoint they count as a medium sized creature. When traveling great distances with the Unexpectables, Obby often rides on Borky's shoulders.

What is the relationship between Obby and log?

Log and Obby both love Oreyara, and Log gladly holds onto Obby's comfort arm. The best description for their relationship is the unspoken mutual friendship between a pair of preschool age children, though Obby's cognitive level is beyond that.

How do I change the name of my Obby?

Select 'Rename' which is located under delete and rename it '2'. Click 'Play,' located at the top menu and walk over to the second star. You will see in the leaderboard that your stage is now '2'. This is how your obby will work. Delete the baseplate so it will be more difficult to complete.

What is Obby in Roblox?

Object-8, commonly known as Obby, is a construct built by the Silver Kobolds who live in the crater in the Mountain of Repetition. He has lived a simple life in the secluded enclave until they had the odd experience of encountering The Unexpectables .

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