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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the passenger side approach to a police officer?

Consider the passenger side approach. By making contact with the driver along the right side of the car, an officer can reduce by half the areas of concern, eliminating the worry of being struck by an approaching vehicle. Further, by not having to concentrate on passing cars, the officer can now pay attention to the driver.

What is a “safe lane of approach” to a police officer?

In this method the police vehicle provides a “safe” lane of approach to the offender’s driver’s door, as the police vehicle is blocking rear approaching traffic from driving directly into the officer’s foot path.

How to be in the moment as a police officer?

In order to be in the moment, you need to break down the stop into segments and deal with things one at a time. Every stop has a beginning, middle, and end. You need to slow down, be observant, and take the time to engage the driver. You also need to be aware of your environment as you do. Many officers get in a hurry.

How should police officers conduct consensual encounters with citizens?

In conclusion, when conducting consensual encounters, officers should attempt to abide by the following: Do not block the citizen’s path, either with your person or police vehicle; Speak in normal tone of voice rather than giving authoritative commands; Request, rather than demand, to speak with the citizen;

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