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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Board of Pharmacy regulation do?

The Board is responsible for the licensing and regulation of pharmacists, pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians.

What records are kept by the State Board of Pharmacy?

The state board of pharmacy shall keep a record of its proceedings and a register of all licenses and registrations that have been granted, together with each renewal and suspension or revocation of a license or registration. The books and registers of the board shall be prima-facie evidence of the matters therein recorded.

How many members are on the Board of Pharmacy?

The Board of Pharmacy consists of six members appointed by the Governor - five (5) pharmacists and one (1) public (lay) member.

Can the board provide a summary of a prescriber's prescribing record?

(18) On receipt of a request from a prescriber, the board may provide to the prescriber a summary of the prescriber's prescribing record if such a record is created by the board. Information in the summary is subject to the confidentiality requirements of this chapter.

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