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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ohio located on map?

Ohio City Map. Ohio City is a village in Van Wert County, Ohio, United States with a population of 784 as of the 2000 census.It is included within the Van Wert, Ohio Micropolitan Statistical Area. Ohio City is located at 40°46?15?N 84°37?2?W / 40.77083°N 84.61722°W / 40.77083; -84.61722 (40.770878, -84.617274).

What are the states surrounding Ohio?

Which States Border Ohio?Pennsylvania. Ohio shares part of its eastern border with Pennsylvania. ...Indiana. Ohio shares its entire western boundary with Indiana. ...West Virginia. The boundary that separates West Virginia and Ohio is located on the southeastern edge of Ohio. ...Kentucky. Kentucky and Ohio are separated by a border located in the southern edge of Ohio. ...Michigan. ...

What counties are in Ohio?

Ohio Counties and County Seats: Adams County - West Union Allen County - Lima Ashland County - Ashland Ashtabula County - Jefferson Athens County - Athens

Where is the Ohio Valley located on a map?

“Loosely defined it includes a good portion of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, extreme southwestern Pennsylvania, extreme northwestern West Virginia, and down to the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers,” Gelber says. A map of the Ohio River (Black) and it’s basin. A lot of this area is where “The Ohio Valley” is.

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