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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ohio University a good school?

To answer your question in a straight manner, Ohio State is not as good a Harvard, Stanford or Caltech, but it is still a great university. It is one of the top ranked public universities in the United States. I did my undergraduate at Ohio State and my PhD at Harvard. The results of the comparison depends on what you choose to do at each school.

What is the best college in Ohio?

Best Value Schools (No Aid) in OhioCuyahoga Community College District. ...Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. ...Columbus State Community College. ...Eastern Gateway Community College. ...University of Northwestern Ohio. ...University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College. ...Sinclair Community College. ...Ohio State University - Newark Campus. ...Lorain County Community College. ...More items...

Is Ohio University a public university?

Ohio University is the oldest university in Ohio, the tenth oldest public university in the United States and the 32nd oldest among public and private universities. As of fall 2020, the university's total enrollment at Athens was slightly more than 18,000, while the all-campus enrollment was just over 28,000.

How many universities in Ohio?

Ohio Colleges & Universities. Ohio is rich in options for higher education, with 14 four-year public universities with 24 branch campuses, 23 two-year community and technical colleges and more than 50 four-year private colleges and universities.

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